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Brunch Buffet

Speed Biz Brunch

“Just enough to eat!”

"Just right! The right price."

Changes and development of Avon Square Brunch

Thank you to everyone who joined us.


further upgraded

Speed Biz Brunch begins.

Price information 
Adult (middle school student) 25,000 won
Children (elementary school students) 13,000 won
Infant (ages 4 to 7) 7,000 won

* Guest discount promotion for pre-booking
Adult 25,000 won > 10% discount price 22,500 won


Operating Hours

Daily 07:00 ~ 13:30

​Break time 10:00~11:00

2F Square Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Season 5 Dinner Buffet

More Upgraded Barbecue Line


Sushi line that uses raw fish,

And the newly introduced roll and modern Japanese food.

comes with unlimited wine

a line of premium desserts 

Price information

Adult (middle school student) 59,000 won

Children (elementary school students) 29,000 won

Infant (ages 4–7) 14,000 won

Free for infants (less than 48 months)

Operating Hours

2F Square Buffet 

Thursday~Sunday 18:00~21:00

 Closed Mondays to Wednesdays


S Square

S Square provides the traditional concept of a typical three-meal restaurant in modern, contemporary yet sophisticated surroundings. With natural light and glass, the show kitchens present exciting buffets featuring a fabulous range of buffet items.

■ 10% discount for brunch Gunsan citizens (less than 10 people per team)

Price standard guide: Adults-middle school students and above/ Small students-elementary school students/ infants-from the age of 4
Seats: 120 seats, 2 separate rooms for 12 people (connectable)

Second Floor

063-730-8020 ~ 8021

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