Room Information

* Size : 23.37㎡     * Bed Type : 2 Single(s)


Balcony Twin

Balcony Access

A balcony with a breeze and sunshine and a relaxing time


Superior ceiling with high ceiling and cool structure

The Twin Room is a break aimed at Avon Hotel Gunsan and It is a space of comfort. Two high-end single beds, sofa and table, and breeze and sunshine. The Superior Balcony Twin Room, which consists of balconies, offers guests a relaxing stay.

* Size : 23.37㎡     * Bed Type : 2 Single(s)



For Family or Business

Comfortable space completed with two high-end single beds

Superior Twin Room with high ceiling and special structure. The relaxation and comfort of Avon Hotel Gunsan. Consisting of two high-end single beds that provide a comfortable sleep and various amenities. Superior Twin provides customers with a relaxing break. 

* Size : 23.37㎡    * Bed Type : 1 Double(s)



For Couples  

Customized space for comfortable time and relaxation

Avon Hotel Gunsan's Superior Double Room

It is a space of relaxation and comfort with a ceiling and various amenities. Superior consisting of a luxurious double bed and a reception sofa and table for ultimate relaxation

Double rooms offer new relaxation and comfort.

* Size : 29.72㎡    * Bed Type : 1 Double(s)



​디럭스 더블


Time for a complete rest and relaxation

A more luxurious and spacious space. Deluxe Double Room is a luxurious type that provides the best sleep. This room consists of a King Size Double Bed and various amenities. We provide a luxurious private space for both sightseeing and business customers.

* Size :  37.13㎡    * Bed Type : 1 Double(s)

                                                     1 Single(s)


Family Twin

​디럭스 패밀리 트윈

A space of relaxation and comfort for families to stay together


The Deluxe Family Twin Room at Avon Hotel Gunsan. This room is large enough to accommodate a family of three and consists of a double bed and a single bed. It is a type of room where you can stay comfortably in a special structure with an independent space where you can spend a variety of time with your family other than the bedroom.

* Size : 37.13㎡    * Bed Type : 3 Single(s)


Traditional Ondol

​디럭스 온돌

A space where you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and comfort of Korea


The Deluxe Ondol Room is an ondol type room that can be found in traditional Korean houses, and three beddings are provided. This family room provides the comfort and relaxation that Avon Hotel Gunsan aims for.

* Size : 34.52㎡    * Bed Type : 1 Double(s)



​코너 스위트

The best service and relaxation that everyone is satisfied with

The corner suite of Avon Hotel Gunsan is a bedroom and a separate living room that can satisfy anyone. Is configured. A perfect break for tomorrow and a special story, I hope you make it at the corner suite of Avon Hotel Gunsan.

* Size : 39.37㎡   * Bed Type : 1 Kingsize(s)



주니어 스위트

The best space for special you

Avon Hotel Gunsan's Junior Suite

This is a private space prepared for you. Includes a King Size Double Bed for a comfortable sleep. By completely separating the bedroom and the reception room where you can spend a variety of time, we provide differentiated services to all customers who visit Gunsan for travel and business.

* Size : 44.62㎡   * Bed Type : 1 Kingsize(s)



​디럭스 스위트

A space where you can feel the best service and specialty

The Deluxe Suite of Avon Hotel Gunsan provides a more spacious and comfortable space, providing the best service and a special time for relaxation.The bedroom and the living room are separated, so you can enjoy a comfortable rest in a spacious space.


(All rooms)


Shampoo / conditioner / shower gel / body lotion

A fresh citrus scent containing tangerine seed and lemon extract

It stays on the body & hair for a long time and gives a pleasant feeling.







Suite Room Complimentary Mini-bar

​Free Minibar

​(Sweet rooms only)

Avon Hotel Minibar service that brings you speciality with carefully selected products

Customers who visit the suite rooms* of Avon Hotel Gunsan can enjoy carefully selected drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Complimentary provided once upon check-in.

​*Deluxe, Junior, Corner Type

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