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AVON Hotel Group One Stop Service

One-stop service provided by Gunsan's Best Hotel Avon to businesses and organizations. 

We will solve various group NEEDS such as seminars, events, weddings, group stays, and rentals with one communication point!


​One-stop service provided to everyone who visits Avon Hotel's group services such as seminar rooms, group stays, first birthday parties, and weddings


A guide to the lowest price for a group stay
Providing the best hotel services such as setting up seminar events and caring & private weddings


Call or mail or text to the person below for the service you're looking for!

담당자 소개

Geon Hui Han


A person in charge of corporate agreements & travel partnerships

Multiplayer with perfect work experience

​Hyun Sik Park
Team Leader


Responsible for corporate and group accommodation and events

More than 300 group majority handles

Gunsan ranks first in satisfaction with the event

Ra An Jung


a person in charge of weddings, first birthday parties, and family events


Full of kindness and passion

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