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AVON Hotel Gunsan

On April 15, 2015, in the city center of Gunsan

I took my first steps. Not only tourist attractions in Gunsan

Saemangeum International Industrial Complex and business facilities

It is located in the heart of Gunsan.


There are a total of 135 guest rooms on the 1st basement and 9th floors above the ground .

As a luxury business & resort hotel, it has a convenient structure and

The beautiful exterior is in harmony.

Avon Hotel Gunsan 1st and 2nd floors have a lounge, fitness center,

The best facilities such as banquet halls and restaurants are based on the best service.

We are waiting for you.

From the 3rd to 8th floors of Avon Hotel Gunsan,

There are rooms that provide complete relaxation and relaxation.

From your room, you can see the city of Gunsan nearby.

You can look at it, providing a different fun and scenery.

Each room has high ceilings and open windows.

You can feel not only three-dimensional and spacious, but also the cool breeze of Gunsan.


A business city with Saemangeum Industrial Complex,

Located in the center of Gunsan, Avon Hotel Gunsan

Gunsan GSCO Convention Center with various sizes and latest facilities,

Famous tourist attractions in Gunsan such as Modern History Museum, Ecological Park, and Gunsan CC

Of course, it is close to business facilities.

In particular, 1 minute from Gunsan Intercity Bus/Express Bus Terminal,

It's located within 20 minutes from Gunsan Airport.

Not only for business, but also for various cultures.

It is a landmark of Gunsan.


Avon Hotel Gunsan is a culture representing Gunsan,

It is a new landmark in Gunsan.

Thank you.

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