Balcony Twin

슈페리어 발코니 트윈

Avon Hotel Gunsan's Room Recommendations

The Superior Balcony Twin is recommended for those who want to feel relaxed because there is a balcony in the same configuration as the Superior Twin!

A balcony with a breeze and sunshine and a relaxing time


Superior ceiling with high ceiling and cool structure

The Twin Room is a break aimed at Avon Hotel Gunsan and

It is a space of comfort. Two high-end single beds, sofa and table, and breeze and sunshine

The Superior Balcony Twin Room, which consists of balconies, offers guests a relaxing stay.


- Accommodates : 2

- Size : 23.37㎡     

- Bed Type : 2 Single(s)


* Complimentary mini-bar is provided only the first time upon check-in.



Check in and out 

- Check in  15:00 

 - Check out  12:00